Vaccines Using Aborted Babies Frozen Alive

Vaccines Using Aborted Babies Frozen Alive

It’s not only for lack of real science that vaccines are ineffective and dangerous, but also for lack of morals that they are anti-reason and detrimental to the collective health of a society. The latter can be seen in the recently revealed information about cell lines used in vaccines.

LifeSite News published a revealing and insightful story yesterday about the origin of cell lines that are used in many vaccines today, possibly including the COVID vaccines developed recently or still in development. The story is based on the revelation of biologist Pamela Acker, an insider who worked in vaccine labs until she discovered that the cell lines used in vaccines were developed from babies aborted alive.

The babies were — and, in some cases, the uterus as well — removed from the woman and, without even puncturing the amniotic sac, placed directly into the refrigerator where it was kept for no more than 24 hours.

Acker was interviewed by LifeSite Editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen (video included below) wherein she told how she learnt that the source of the cell line was Human Embryonic Kidney, or HEK as they used to call it in labs, which in turn came from “willfully induced abortion”.

The use of unborn babies killed and dismembered in the medical labs in now common knowledge. The deceptive slogans of “woman’s choice” and “my body my choice” have been used by pseudo-feminists and criminal-minded liberals to turn the sad reality of genuinely needed “abortion”, which is not common, into a commercial brand sold with pride. The new culture thus created via liberal propaganda celebrates the murder of infants as “choice” while using the violated corpses of those infants in pseudo-medicine that makes one sick, even disabled for life in many cases.

The abortion-vaccine complex is a sick invasion of modern human societies that entrap people in a web of sick-minded slavery at the expense of their health and sanity. Those still in their right mind can look at courageous souls like Pamela Acker to continue along the line of truth and wholeness as against deception and torture.

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