Vaccinated Children in Bannu Getting Polio

Vaccinated Children in Bannu Getting Polio

The polio vaccine scam continues to play in third world countries with media taking a lead role in promoting the dangerous polio vaccine and hiding facts from the public. Of late, polio cases have been reported IN BRIEF in just a few Pakistani papers. Here are some recent cases from Express Tribune, a paper that has heavily promoted the polio vaccine.oral polio vaccine

June 5, 2016: Bannu – 6-year-old vaccinated girl got polio. The medical teams did not show up to treat her.

May 17: Polio cases reported in Bannu but no information given in the paper regarding the age, sex, vaccination status etc. Instead, the paper cites local administration official threatening parents with imprisonment for refusing vaccination.

May 13: 12-year-old girl reportedly got polio and she was said to have received one dose of polio vaccine. But the paper doesn’t mention when she got the dose and why only a single dose? This is important because children under 5 years of age are vaccinated with the WHO-sponsored vaccine in the third world. And by WHO’s own policy, she wouldn’t qualify as a potential target of the vaccine.

The politics and promotion of polio vaccine relies heavily on media. Papers like the one cited here slow down and tone down reporting cases, pushing the reported cases to “News in Brief”, when the international health authority (aka WHO) wants to create the vaccine success story.

And for those who still haven’t researched the oral polio vaccine (polio drops) that are administered to children in third world today, the live virus in the vaccine has caused polio and has actually brought polio to countries where it was non-existent for decades.

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