USDA Petitioned for Stopping Junk Food Sale in America

USDA Petitioned for Stopping Junk Food Sale in America

Numerous studies have shown the association between junk food consumption and a range of serious health problems. Still, the fast food industry continues to play with the health of the public. What is concerning advocates of healthy food is the role of the authorities in promoting junk food

Casey J. has started a petition on Care2 addressing the USDA to stop helping restaurants sell unhealthy food across the country. The petition expresses concern over USDA’s behind-the-scenes involvement in helping restaurants sell greasy, high-calorie food to customers throughout the country which is particularly benefitting the dairy industry by excessive sale of fatty products. It reads:

“The government should be trying to solve America’s health problems, not make them even worse.”

The petition is aiming at acquiring 1K signatures in support toward the cause of better health via healthy food in America.

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