Uranium-Laden Property Collapse in Detroit River, Media’s Silence

Uranium-Laden Property Collapse in Detroit River, Media’s Silence

Environmental hazards are usually the top priority for leftist media outlets, aka mainstream media. But what happened when the Detroit River was recently contaminated with uranium-contaminated matter via a certain property collapse?

Detroit Free Press reported the incident on December 5th telling that the property contaminated with uranium and other hazardous chemicals collapsed in the Detroit River on November 26th, and that the information was confirmed by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy.

uranium contamination image

Natural News wrote on Sunday that the incident has put Michigan’s drinking water at risk.

The incident is especially troubling as it took place close to the intake lines for Detroit’s drinking water. Further downriver on the Canadian side are water intake lines in Amherstburg.

They also reported that the authorities at EPA were not even aware of this incident until the publication The Windsor Star reached out to them for a comment.

While this may indicate the EPA not doing its job as efficiently as one would expect them to, the bigger surprise is how the mainstream propaganda media that is fanatically environmentalist—or at least pretends to be—could miss this story? Was it on purpose or they also didn’t notice because they are too busy trying to stop Donald Trump from wining the next Presidential election?

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