TN: Nashville Clinic Won’t Offer Vaccines due to Health Risks

TN: Nashville Clinic Won’t Offer Vaccines due to Health Risks

As the bogus science of vaccination is exposed and people are becoming aware, thanks to alternate/anti-media, signs of change have started to appear. A medical clinic in Tennessee has become one of the first to say no to vaccines.

Outbreak News Today reported last week that Cool Springs Family Medicine in Nashville won’t be offering vaccination anymore because of the link between vaccines and health risks especially autism risk that is associated with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Dr. Daniel Kalb, MD of the said clinic was quoted in the article explaining why his clinic wouldn’t be offering shots.vaccne injury

Dr. Kalb referred to the fraudulent study of CDC that found no link between vaccine and autism, only later to be exposed by the study’s senior researcher, Dr. William Thompson, confessing that statistically significant data was omitted from the research and destroyed because it showed a significant risk of autism associated with the vaccine, mainly in African-American children.

Dr. Thompson’s confession has been highlighted in the recent documentary Vaxxed, which is currently in theatres nationwide. The government and its corporate allies, i.e. the pharmaceutical industry and medical mafia, have been trying to censor the film and get it pulled from film festivals across US.

With increasing awareness, more and more medical doctors are coming out and speak against the frauds of the vaccine industry and the governments that benefit from them. Let’s take a moment to thank Cool Springs Family Medicine for caring about people and refusing to be sold out to the vaccine mafia.

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