Ten Tea-Themed Scripts You Never Saw on Screen

Ten Tea-Themed Scripts You Never Saw on Screen

Love has been the token of success for many a film and book. Legend has it that in the good old days, hot drinks with flavonoids – or tea, as some would call them – used to be the love of many a folks. These teaholics even wrote some potential blockbuster scripts. But they were all undermined, one at a time, by intuitive leaking (imagine something flying out of your had when you are asleep and getting into someone else’s head when they are physically awake but practically asleep). Thus the titles were changed as tea was switched to love. Some of the titles these wonderful folks remember creating and losing to intuitive leaking were provided to this scribe – and they are shared below for your appreciation.

  1. Endless Tealoveandtea
  2. Crazy Stupid Tea
  3. From Russia with Tea
  4. Tea in the Time of Cholera
  5. Sex, Tea, and Betrayal
  6. The Spy Who Made Tea for Me
  7. Falling in Tea
  8. Women in Tea
  9. The Thing Called Tea
  10. When a Man Makes Tea for a Woman

Courtesy: Tea Masters of the Old Age

Note: This post is supposedly a work of humor. You can take it seriously if you wanted to – no foreseen harm in getting serious about tea as such.


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