Stupidity Ride: Chief Cleric of Islam Calls Chess a Form of Gambling

Stupidity Ride: Chief Cleric of Islam Calls Chess a Form of Gambling

Once again the chief Islamic cleric – the “grand mufti” of Saudi Arabia – has made new by issuing a ridiculous statement: chess is a form of gambling and hence forbidden in Islam.chesss

The cleric uttered that chess is a “waste of time and money” and also causes hatred between players. One can only think of the kind of psychological disorders that this cleric has been having, most likely lifelong, and whether any kind/amount of medication can relieve his madness.

To his statement, chess is a game and people can bet on any game; in fact big sports like soccer, cricket (at least it’s big in some countries) and others are betted on with millions. Actually you can bet on anything, not just sports. How about two Muslim students betting on reading a Koranic verse faster with accuracy? By the Saudi cleric’s line of (un)reason, Koran would then be forbidden in Islam – waste of time and money. So betting not the activity is the problem.

The point of concern here is that this thing with an IQ level far below that of a rodent is the religious authority of the entire Islamic world. And clownish as he looks and sounds, many people do take him seriously.

That is where the importance of trashing comes in; and it is humbly hoped that not only chess players or fans of board games would generously trash the grand Saudi idiot but advocates of rights of men and common sense would take a moment to jump in for a line or two over this stunt.

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