Shell Allowed Drilling in Arctic, Environmentalists Criticize Obama Administration

Shell Allowed Drilling in Arctic, Environmentalists Criticize Obama Administration

A few months ago, President Obama won commendation from environmentalists and conservationists of natural resources as he vetoed the controversial Keystone XL Bill. The conservatives blasted Obama for robbing Americans of potential job opportunities that the project promised. But advocates of environment widely praised this measure.Shell Arctic

Now, the Obama administration has reportedly approved Shell’s drilling plan in the Arctic. The news has disturbed environmental groups as they warn of an ecological disaster resulting from the drilling plan in question. Greenpeace, among others, criticized the decision, calling it an act of “looking the other way” while Shell does away with the Arctic.

Environment America, in an email update to supporters, called the US government’s approval of Shell’s drilling a terrible news for polar bears. They wrote: “The Obama administration just announced one of the worst decisions they’ve ever made–opening the Arctic Ocean to drilling by Shell Oil.”

By giving Shell permission to drill in the Arctic off Alaska, the Obama administration has given a mixed message of caring for the environment. Jesse Jenkins regarded this conflict between Obama’s climate-friendly ideals and his policy of allowing fossil fuel projects in risky areas as the Arctic a big mistake.

Whether this mistake will have political implications and what kind is not so much the environmentalists’ concern. They are worried about the threat to life, health, and safety of the members of this planet. This threat is more important than somebody’s political career or a party’s position in national politics – something all politicians should remember.

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