Scene Pick: ‘Full House’ – Kimmy and Steph Agreed on Something

Scene Pick: ‘Full House’ – Kimmy and Steph Agreed on Something

Those who grew up with Jeff Franklin’s Full House would most likely remember the never-fitting bimbo Kimmy Gibbler (played by Andrea Barber) as DJ’s annoying friend + neighbor (ask Danny and Jesse). She is picked on by most in the Tanners house. Guess what, she sometimes did become a welcome presence—albeit briefly and rarely.ful house clip

While DJ (played by Candace Cameron) is best friends with Kimmy, Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) has a hard time putting up with Kimmy. They disagree on everything, and Kimmy, in all her frankness, usually fuels her feelings by just being herself. Poor Dj always struggles with the question: would her best friend and dear little sister ever get along?

At times they did. This clip, from an episode of the 5th Season, is one of those rare moments when Kimmy and Steph find some common ground, which happens to be sitting there and trying to get the two girls on the same page. At first the chairs would move apart, but then what happens is history. Here they go—the unstoppables!

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