Save Steele before He is Put to Death Tomorrow

Save Steele before He is Put to Death Tomorrow

Meet Steele, a teddy-bearish pit boy in Georgia who is dangerously close to death.


Steele’s video has been shared many times on facebook. The postings show that he is scheduled for euthanasia on Wednesday, October 22. And it appears he has not been pulled by a rescue, individual, or group.

Steele is located in Georgia. The address and contact info of the shelter where he is kept is included below:

Barrow County Animal Control Shelter
616 Barrow Park Drive Winder, GA 30680
Phone: (770) 307-3012

Please act fast as Steele has a short time to live and we don’t want this sweet boy to die untimely just because no one cares about him enough to save him from death.

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