Research Links Overactive Immune System to Brain Damage

Research Links Overactive Immune System to Brain Damage

Last year, Natural News posted an article about 22 published scientific studies that link autism to vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). These studies are known to bring on record the causal connection between the toxic constituents of vaccines – including metals, preservatives, and additives – and brain damage.brain

Now new research has found a connection between an overly active immune system and brain damage in fetus. Reported on Medical News Today, the latest research by Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore used mice Effects of highly active immune system of the mother on fetus included “poor motor skills and behavioral issues, such as hyperactivity”, according to the research findings.

These findings come close to the previously shown connection between vaccines and autism. Vaccines basically work by activating the immune system against infection, claimed to be harmless by professionals who consider vaccines safe, caused by a modified version of a pathogen (mostly virus) included in the vaccine.

In October last year, research also found ultrasound during pregnancy to possibly cause brain damage and autism in the fetus.

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