Rescued Kittens in MI Need Donations for Medical Treatment

Rescued Kittens in MI Need Donations for Medical Treatment

Kasey Mack is the sister of a dear animal rescuer friend of ours, and Kasey herself has helped save lives of homeless cats. Some of the kittens she rescued this spring have been sick with a treatable viral condition. The rescue Kasey works with is short on funding and Kasey herself has taken the responsibility for the kittens.Kitten

To help with the treatment expenses of the kittens, Kasey has started a fundraiser on go fund me. A number of people have donated to the cause, and the fundraiser is including closer to the target amount of a thousand dollars. At the moment, $800 have been raised and $200 are needed to meet the goal of the fundraiser.

Please visit the donation page at and read the story of Kasey’s rescued kittens. Causes like this deserve our support because they save life.

Kasey can be reached on her cell for questions at 248-867-0533 and her address for donation deliveries is:

Kasey Mack
2269 W. Euna
Wixom, Mi. 48393.

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