Rapid Fire with Wavy Lee

Rapid Fire with Wavy Lee

Our Rapid Fire guest today is Georgia-based rapper Wavy Lee who has over 300 songs in his archive.

Image @ Wavy Lee
Image @ Wavy Lee

1. Singing or dancing

WL: Singing, but I catch myself dancing a lot.

2. North or South

WL: South, I love the food and the people. There’s no place like home

3. Solo or Band

WL: Solo—if something goes wrong I don’t want to have anyone else to blame.

4. Your daily dream

WL: To be on a 40 city tour with Drake

5. Beach or Casino

WL: Casino. I am much more a gambler than a swimmer.

6. A celeb you dream of dating

WL: Lisa Raye. What can I say? I like older women!

7. The food you can eat happily 7 days in a row

WL: Hot wings

8. What you simply can’t stand

WL: Snakes

9. TV or radio

WL: TV. I like to see things; that way it’s more believable.

10. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

WL: Hopefully a Major name in the industry with my own team of artist and producers.

See more of Wavy Lee at www.wavylee.com.


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