Rapid Fire with Brenda Darnley Martin

Rapid Fire with Brenda Darnley Martin

On Word Matters today we have a very special guest for our Rapid Fire round. Meet comedian, media host, author, poet, actress, writer, producer, and animal Lover, Brenda Darnley Martin.

Brenda Darnley Martin
Brenda Darnley Martin

1. Your dream job

BDM: Your dream job – National TALK RADIO HOST – POSITIVE PROGRAMMING with lots of humor– focusing on the good things good people are doing for animals in need, promoting the arts, etc.! Added to what I am doing now – author of customized poetry, picture books, voiceover, actress….

2. Your worst nightmare

BDM: I haven’t dreamed it yet – HOPE I NEVER KNOW!

3. Books or movies

BDM: Audio books, listening while driving on scenic roads

4. Something that drives you crazy in a split-second

BDM: Political Ads Full of Lies!

5. FL or MI

BDM: Florida!

6. Cats or dogs

BDM: Dogs – terribly allergic to cats!

7. If you were to be reborn as an animal, what would you like to be?

BDM: Since I can’t be my own, Denise Carey-Costa’s (spoiled and much-loved) dog! 

8. Coffee or wine

BDM: Coffee with lots of cream

9. Gregory Peck or Tom Hanks

BDM: Gregory Peck. Tom Hanks gets marooned in life-threatening situations too often! I’d be dead by now if I hung with him!

10. One thing you sure can’t ever get fixed

BDM: Genetics

11. A million dollars or one more day of life

BDM: A million dollars, ASSUMING I get it well in advance of the last day of life! If my last day of life, I would take one more day. 

Visit Brenda Darnley Martin online at www.brendamartin.net.

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