Political Vendetta: Simon & Schuster Cancels Josh Hawley’s Book

Political Vendetta: Simon & Schuster Cancels Josh Hawley’s Book

Well-known book publisher Simon & Schuster openly came out as a leftist political press by cancelling the publication of Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s book.

Hawley’s upcoming book The Tyranny of Big Tech was cancelled by Simon & Schuster after the incident of protesters forcing their way inside the state capitol building in DC on Wednesday, January 6. The incident has since been exposed as a staged event orchestrated by the leftists and had the DC police complicit to make it look like an assault on the state capitol by supporters of President Trump rallying there.

American Conservatives reported that Senator Hawley called the cancellation a “direct assault on First Amendment” and expressed the intent to sue Simon & Schuster. Hawley was cited as:

I will fight this cancel culture with everything I have. We’ll see you in court.

It is worth noticing that after the Wednesday incident at the capitol building in DC, planned and executed by democrats and their militant wing Antifa, Hawley was the only senator who objected to the certification of PA state elector votes. Since a compromised Vice President Mike Pence got joined the liberals and other compromised Republicans in certifying fraudulent votes from disputed states, objections to the state electors were not duly processed and Joe Biden was illegitimately certified as the President.

The liberals have since started revengefully targeting those conservatives, like Josh Hawley, who stood their ground and demanded election integrity and rejection of voter fraud massively committed by the Democrats in the November 3rd election.

Following Hawley’s book cancellation, conservatives on social media expressed their outrage at the political assault by Simon & Schuster on a conservative author and lawmaker, and also called for boycotting the press. It is worth noting that in November last year, Simon & Schuster was sold to Penguin Random House. The CEO of Penguin Random House, Markus Dohle, signed the book deals with the Obamas.

The dots are not difficult to connect.

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