Petition against CPS Wrongfully Seizing All 4 Children of a Family Including a Newborn

Petition against CPS Wrongfully Seizing All 4 Children of a Family Including a Newborn

The complaints about Child Protective Services (CPS) taking away children from families without due justification are not new. In the latest case of what seems child abduction by the CPS, not one or two but all four children of a mother have been seized and taken away from a mother in a questionable and concerning way.

Advocate Voices Inc​, a non-profit organization that advocates for children and families, has launched a petition on summarizing the story of Kayla Holst who was labeled as mentally ill by a doctor who doesn’t have qualification in mental health and has in the past been found involved in malpractice in his profession.

Kayla Holst and Dacota Straw

The story says that 3 children of Kayla Holst were taken away from her in Washington State when the doctor in question, a pediatrician named Dr. Thomas J. Valvano, labeled Kayla as a patient of Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP), a psychological disorder in which the patient has a tendency to inflict injury on themselves or others in their care. With no expertise in psychiatry, Dr. Valvano unprofessionally and abusively labeled Kayla a case of MSBP. And based on that medical accusation, the CPS in WA state acted to seize all three children (ages 9, 8, and 4) of Kayla Holst without any evidence of any abuse or the mother’s alleged tendency to do so.

The petition details point to the past abuses and malpractice of Dr. Valvano including perjury in a court of law related to the case KESSLER v. Oregon Health & Science University that was decided in October 2013.

The CPS also seized the newborn child, named London, of Kayla with her partner Dacota Straw in Indiana. The petition page says the CPS took away London when she was only 4 days old.

This couple’s child was taken at 4 days old considering the hunch/suggestions of Pediatric doctors who do not specialize in mental health disorders especially such a diverse disorder as MSBP.

One can only imagine how this mother has been victimized and traumatized by the forced and unjustifiable seizing of her children, and how those kids have been put through a living hell because a doctor decided to label her as mentally ill and a risk to her children. Only the parents can tell what it feels like to be robbed of their newborn child. For the child too, missing the vital bonding period of early months with the mother and father is an irreparable loss.

The petition by Advocate Voices Inc addresses: Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb, Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee, Indiana State House, Indiana State Senate, and Senator Maria Cantwellm (D-WA). It says:

We Want Justice! We want the children returned! We won’t stop! We want reform of CPS and family courts!

Readers can sign the petition online here to express their support for Kayla Holst and her family.

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