Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Beware Others of Risks

Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Beware Others of Risks

Vaccines, including the measles (MMR) vaccine, are not safe as is acknowledged by experts, government, and judicial system that awards compensation to parents or guardians of children seriously injured by vaccines.vaccne injury

A Yahoo News story today featured vaccine-caused injuries and stories of parents whose children were seriously damaged by vaccines, some of them compensated by the government while others awaiting the verdict of courts. In all cases, some of the parents who chose to vaccinate their children expressed feeling guilt by making their children suffer via vaccination.

The CDC, which heavily promotes vaccines with the “generally safe and rarely unsafe” claims, also admits that you can’t tell how one’s body is going to react to a particular vaccine. This raises the big question whether the authorities can be held responsible for giving a vaccine to a child knowing its serious health risk. One has to go to the court and vaccine injury claims take years of court battle before reaching a verdict.

But even if the court decides to compensate the vaccine victim, can parents live with the guilt that they opted for something that they knew could cause serious damage, including permanent brain damage, to their child?

Vaccines are different from most medicine, say aspirin, in that medicine are given when a disease or health issue has afflicted someone. But vaccines claim to keep one safe even when there is no disease or problem and other, safer methods of prevention can be followed.

Many parents and guardians who previously believed in vaccination learnt it the hard way – getting children seriously damaged. Now they are speaking out, as in this story, to make others aware of the risks of vaccination.

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