Pakistan: Overly Vaccinated Child Contracts Polio

Pakistan: Overly Vaccinated Child Contracts Polio

In tradition of misleading the masses and omitting commercially incorrect information, some popular Pakistani media are reporting a new polio case in Balochistan region, but not making any mention of the child’s vaccination history.

Today’s edition of Express Tribune reports that a 2-year-old boy in Quetta, Balochistan, was diagnosed with polio infection. It’s being called the first polio case of 2016 in Balochistan. However, unlike stories where unvaccinated children catch polio infection, the paper entirely ignores any question about the child’s vaccination status.oral polio vaccine

Another popular English daily The Frontier Post is no different in the manner in which the new case is reported – a general pro-vaccine statement that refusals to vaccinate cause recurring polio cases, a statement which has no factual or verifiable basis. Quite notable is the absence of any statement about the affected child’s vaccination history.

However, the widely read English paper Dawn did a better job in reporting the case. And as one could smell from absence of vaccination status info in other sources, the child turns out to be vaccinated. In fact as the paper reports, he had been vaccinated with 7 does already! Yet the paper quotes an official (not named) from health Ministry saying the child didn’t get enough because he didn’t have “routine immunization”.

Routine immunization? Does the ministry expect children to drink polio vaccine daily instead of water in order to be protected from polio – a vaccine that was “discontinued” in the west because it was paralyzing children?

Science has always been treated as a joke in Pakistan and other backward regions that are subservient to their masters in the west and oil-rich Middle East. But the World Health Organization’s heavily-funded polio vaccination campaign has made health science a raggedy doll that any “official” can play with in whatever manner. The fact that WHO has not set a cap on the amount of doses required to protect children from polio speaks volumes of how pathetic are their endeavors to sell the vaccine that is essentially banned in the west.

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