Pakistan Idol: A Show of 3 Idiots

Pakistan Idol: A Show of 3 Idiots

Pakistan’s Geo TV has been known for its cheap and sensationalist presentations, often misrepresentations, of events. Now, it has evoked public outrage over its franchise of the popular American Idol – the so-called talent show that taught humiliation, mockery, and lame judgment to the world.Pakistan Idol

Pakistan Idol is a show where three so-called experts sit behind a desk and copy the styles of judges while publicly humiliating the participants. The negative response of the public has been reported now in major media publications like The Telegraph. In addition, a Facebook page Pakistan Idol Humiliation has been created to protest the show’s humiliating character.

A petition has also been launched on by Taimur Rehman, addressing the TV channel, the show’s sponsors, and the “judges” – Bushra Ansari, Ali Azmat and Hadiqa Kiyani. The petition particularly mentions a young man who was brutally mocked at for his performance. To date, the petition has gathered over 1700 signatures and needs another 800 signatures to reach its target.

In a poor country where corruption and exploitation are going through the roof, shows like Pakistan Idol stand as example of decadent values of respect and consideration that once defined the culture of the land. The 3 judges, none of whom, if judged by international standards, would even pass any big audition, get paid for acting like trolls while the sheepish candidates stand there groveling after bit of exposure and possible chance at earning a lot.

Things do need to change, needing to go back to the good old days when talent was more than bad manners on screen and shows left people with good feelings and positive thoughts.

The petition against the show can be signed online here.

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