Ohio Governor’s Contradictory Test Results Expose the COVID Hoax

Ohio Governor’s Contradictory Test Results Expose the COVID Hoax

The COVID 19 hoax was thrown under the bus yet again over the weekend when Ohio governor, Mike DeWine, tested positive for the so-called COVID 19 on Thursday. And on the same day, he also tested negative for COVID 19. Yes, the joke of COVID 19 testing came flying in the face of mainstream propaganda cartels that have been working round-the-clock to fool the world into believing that the disease is real and the tests are reliable.

The establishment media mobs immediately went into panic over the COVID testing farce and started citing the embarrassed governor’s face-saving statement that people should not rush to conclude that his contradictory test results mean it’s all a scam. Too late as skeptics around the world already knew the truth of this fake pandemic by the shaky and conflicting numbers of testing and deaths attributed to COVID 19 without evidence.

The tell-tale news of Governor DeWine’s COVID testing comes at the same time that British COVID 19 death figures were revealed to be wrong. The story wrote:

In other words, as many as 4,170 fatalities could be wiped off England’s current Covid-19 death toll of 41,686.

In other words, one in every ten deaths counted as COVID wasn’t a COVID death! And that surely is the tip of the mess of fake pandemic’s testing, diagnosis, and mortality stats. If the cause of death was to be determined by a careful forensic investigation and mandatory autopsy of every dead person so as to rule out every other possible cause except COVID, one would likely not see any stats more than zero.

The question at the end of the day is whether those giving wrong test results and wrong death toll ever get punished? The answer is a big NO. And the reason is obvious: they work for the establishment running the entire pandemic show for vested corporate and political interests. That means they are not to be held accountable. You get them caught for a lie, you just move on because nobody cares.

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