November 09, 2016—The Day America Defeated Its Media

November 09, 2016—The Day America Defeated Its Media

November the 9th, 2016 brought America and the world a big victory for Conservatives and a humiliating defeat for one of the most infamous Democrat presidential nominee. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. But who actually lost the big battle that day is someone, or something, else—Leftist mainstream propaganda media.Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_3

The fact that a candidate like Mrs. Clinton was running for the white house was nearly traumatic, even blood-boiling for the conservative side with bundles of open lies and multiple investigations into her neglect-abuse series, making her a potential convict, to her credit. Yet, it was the media—the most powerful weapon with the Democrats—that created a madding uproar of lies and cheap baseless accusations against Donald Trump, making him look like the villain to cover up for the big villains that run these media sources.

Whether mainstream—aka lamstream—media of the web, print, and electronic platforms or social media on fingertip techs, the propaganda against Trump ran virtually round the clock. Media polls found Clinton leading by a landslide until about the election day when many of them assumed a meaningful quiet. No commentary was offered on some big issues that were literally disastrous for the Democrat side. A lot of international media—from countries that depend on or have to kep US government happy for obvious reasons—also chimed in to resound the propaganda of the US mainstream media sources. Everybody was led to believe or hammered on at least that Clinton is or should be the next President.

But America decided different. Trump won the electoral college by a landslide and, as mainstream media started to continue bitching about the election, pretending not to have taken the defeat as a blow, they sounded like beaten rats in a race. The moment was one of relief and exhilaration for Trump side and for conservatives in general. For critics of mainstream media, including this writer, it is a phenomenal victory; this day the self-proclaimed, abusive, corrupt, and unethical media was beaten by the voice of people. This is achievement and goes to show that the world is not yet lost to the weapon of all-pervasive propaganda.

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