Not in News: Muslim Man Hit Flight Attendant, Threatened to Blow Up JetBlue Plane

Not in News: Muslim Man Hit Flight Attendant, Threatened to Blow Up JetBlue Plane

When a Muslim woman claimed she was refused a closed soda can on a flight, media around the United States did feature stories, portraying the woman as a victim. But when a Muslim man became physically violent on a flight recently and threatened to blow up the entire plane, a media blackout has all the daily news reader got.

CBS New York did a very short report of the incident on October 17, 2015, saying a Queens man was arrested for punching a flight attendant on a JetBlue Airways flight from NY to South Florida. The arrestee was identified as Alija Kucuk and he also used racial slurs while threatening to destroy the plane. No details of Kucuk were published, no mug shots, nothing.jetblue

But Top Right News, a couple days later, did a more detailed story on the incident, which has notably gone underreported in mainstream media. They inform that 29-year-old Alija Kucuk is actually a Muslim man, an immigrant from Albania, who used the words “fucking nigger” for the flight attendant and threatened to “cut him” while also threatening to blow up the plane.

As the flight landed in FL he was arrested and FBI is handling his case as he remains locked in Palm Beach County jail.

An incident of this scale and no media frenzy? Obviously something is seriously wrong. Is it because the man is Muslim? I suspect that is one possibly major reason why race-baiting media won’t highlight the issue. A minority victim is a good race-ethnic card played by so-called liberal media, but when the same minority is the offender – and on a much bigger scale as well as a racist – media pretends blind, deaf, and dumb.

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