Not in Media: CDC’s Own Researchers Reveal CDC Lied on Vaccine Safety

Not in Media: CDC’s Own Researchers Reveal CDC Lied on Vaccine Safety

A recent study by CDC’s own researchers showed that CDC’s claims of vaccine safety are lies – something that should have been in headlines but, not unexpectedly, was ignored by media.

An article in EcoWatch analyzed the study, titled Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action, which was published in Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology journal in January 2017. The authors of the study are CDC researchers and, as the EcoWactch commentary details, found that the mercury content in Thimerosal – used in some flu vaccines – takes highly neurotoxic forms.

In effect, the study has exposed CDC once again as a liar and propagator of quack science. The EcoWatch article quotes a businessman from Portland, OR, as, “”With this study, by its own scientists, the CDC has now edged into the realm of criminal endangerment.”

Yet such a development in health science went unnoticed in mainstream media. It’s not surprising though since skeptics of both corporate pharmaceutical science and its media cartels know that media presents more lies than facts and takes advantage of people’s ignorance and lack of care.

CDC was exposed big time by the confession of its senior researcher Dr. William Thompson who revealed that on orders of CDC authorities, he and his colleagues were made to omit data that showed the risk of autism associated with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. The documentary Vaxxed that exposed this fraud has been aggressively censored by authorities in different parts of the world.

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