Nomination and Selection for Nobel Peace Prize

Nomination and Selection for Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is an award presented each year as recognition to persons who have dedicated their efforts towards achieving world peace. Nominees must be deserving persons who have shown relentless commitment towards the end of war between nations, and withdrawal of standing armies to facilitate peace. The presentation of the award has gone on since 1901, alongside four other annual awards given in different categories. Two 2020 Nobel Peace Prize laureate nominees have already been named, and as it stands, the odds are in their favor.

The Nominees so far

At the beginning of February, there were two front runners for the Nobel Peace Prize, but the door remains open for more nominees. Swede teenage girl Greta Thurnberg, and Egypt’s Magda Gobran have been nominated from various faculties.

Nobel Peace Prize

Greta Thurnberg of Sweden

Greta is only 17, and she made a strong claim for the coveted prize in 2019 when she lost to the eventual laureate, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The nomination for the eventual winner has often been clouded with controversy, with nominations regularly determined by regional focus, race, and religion.

Greta has been nominated by two Swedish Members of Parliament from the Left Party for her strong push towards combating climate change. Hakan Svenneling and Jens Holm made the nominations, recognizing the teenager’s role in putting pressure on developed countries to use their might in facilitating an end to practices endangering global climate. She has been vocal in pushing politicians to address the issue with the urgency it requires.

She first shot to global fame when she engaged lawmakers to take action to help in the reduction of harmful emissions, and to comply with the Paris Agreement of 2015. The famous agreement was geared towards encouraging all nations of the world to do all they can to prevent rising temperatures being experienced throughout the world. Changes in rainfall patterns, rising water levels, and melting glaciers are some of the effects of climate change. Her efforts qualify for recognition as efforts towards world peace.

Magda Gobran of Egypt

Egypt’s Magda Gobran, popularly known as Mama Maggie is another strong nominee for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. So far, she has won strong backing from several international and national bodies, as well as numerous institutions around the world. Most recently, the Canadian Parliament recognized her for the commitment and dedicated service towards the poor and illiterate Egyptian women.

She started a humanitarian foundation that has served through the years, winning her several honors and admiration from the top brass around the globe. The 2012 nominee was honored by several organizations and influential persons for her selfless humanitarian influence in 2019. US First Lady Melania Trump who was accompanied by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo honored Mama Maggie during the International Women of Courage Awards. This is a ceremony that honors women for showing great strength and courage to drive positive influence to the society. The focus is mainly on social justice, human rights, gender equality, peace, and matters of women empowerment.

Mama Maggie missed out on the 2012 award, but has remained steadfast in her quest to help the less fortunate. She remains the only Egyptian to ever be presented with the Arab Hope Makers Award.

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