New York City Mayor Sued for $1 Billion over Releasing Violent Rapist

New York City Mayor Sued for $1 Billion over Releasing Violent Rapist

When a government official orders the release of criminals for political reasons and any of those criminals go out and commit violent crimes in the community, is the official ordering the release not directly responsible for the crimes?

This question is now up for court battle as the New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has been sued by the victims of a brutal crime committed by an illegal alien who was released from prison under the Democrat mayor’s sanctuary policy, reported Law Enforcement Today.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (C), Reeaz Khan (R) and Maria Fuertes (L)

The crime in question is the brutal rape and subsequent death of a 92-year-old woman, Maria Fuertes. She was walking down the street on January 6th when attacked by 21-year-old Reeaz Khan—the illegal alien who was recently released under de Blasio’s sanctuary city policy despite a detainer placed on him by the federal government.

The suit also alleges that Bill de Blasio was intentionally non-compliant with the Federal Immigration Detainer placed on Reeaz Khan in November 2019 from a previous arrest for assault and weapons charges.

Democrats have been openly inviting and assisting people to enter United States illegally and then fighting to harbor them in the country despite their criminal record and illegal entry, which is a crime in itself. Now, under their “sanctuary” policies, they are making their cities sanctuaries for these criminals while endangering the American citizens.

Why should those who assist and enable criminals attack the citizens not be prosecuted and held accountable for the harm inflicted on victims and their families? This is the question for the day.

One thought on “New York City Mayor Sued for $1 Billion over Releasing Violent Rapist

  1. De blasio and governor Coumo and the rest of the law makers should be sued and prosecuted and held accountable for everything that is happening with crime going up & also for allowing this piece of shit to go free with this reform bill, then they turned NY city and state into a sanctuary place for illegals to come here and do what they want and and some collect welfare because they have kids that were born here, hello they broke the law .The tax payers are the ones paying for these people who came here and keep having kids at our cost. The savage that did that to the poor lady should be given the death penalty and be the first in NYS to get the electric chair also fuck him and his family they are also to blame for harboring him and should also be sued since they knew he was here illegally. I hope this poor lady’s family wins that way the city and state of NY learn a lesson. ICE was doing their jobs , NYPD shouldn’t be to blamed for these problems it’s the city and state officials that tied NYPD’s hands. I’m sure NYPD would be glad to have all these illegals they arrest sent back to where they fucking belong.

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