Guide to Cleaning for Beginners

Guide to Cleaning for Beginners

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Cleaning is an essential part of living. Developing this skill is absolutely necessary when you start living on your own. Thing is: most people know the basics, but start to feel inexperienced once they get to be independent. Even more, if they’ve never indulged themselves in cleaning before. That’s when this beginner guide to cleaning becomes useful.

You see, cleaning is much more than holding a broomstick and sweeping dust out of the floor. If I were to put it simply, you get better at it by knowing what to do. Knowledge of how to start cleaning and the things you need to do along with the tools you require will certainly make it easier for you, and the experience won’t end up in disaster with a feeling of disappointment for not doing a proper job.

With that said, we’ll introduce you to the steps you should follow to start the cleaning process. Of course, there are alternatives you should take into account. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to clean (And believe it or not, this is much more common than people assume) you can hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you. They have the tools, the experience and the time to do it at an affordable price. You should check for more information on the matter.

A professional cleaning company becomes a great option if you’d rather enjoy your free time doing more proactive activities, or something you just enjoy doing, so have this option in the back of your mind just in case. With that say, let’s proceed with the guide.

  1. Make a plan.

Making a plan is an important part of the cleaning process. You just don’t start by cleaning one place out of a whim, then jumping onto the next one. It requires a little more preparation than that. Why is planning important? Well, by making a plan, you decide how clean you want your house, and how much time you want to spend on cleaning it. You should take your willingness to clean into consideration, as well as the time you have available.

A little piece of advice:

  • Start from the top. Things like shelves, the roof, walls. Everything above the floor should be cleaned first. You don’t want to clean the floor just to ruin it once you start cleaning shelves or tables.
  • Decide for areas you want to clean. A good recommendation is to divide your plan into goals, setting goals for every area you want to clean. This way, you won’t have to clean your house all at once, but dedicate time to tidy up whenever it is possible.
  • When deciding which area to clean first, start from the back of your house to the front.

 Proceed with the Attack

Second thing is to proceed with the attack. You have to make sure you have everything prepared before starting. Things like a broomstick, a mop, water, and soap should be at hand.

The first thing is to sweep the area you want to clean and remove as much dust as you possibly can. After that, you want to make sure to vacuum in case there’s some dust left. Next, you’ll have to use water and soap to further remove dirt from the area. The last thing to do is to mop the area and let it drain.

This is the general rule for a beginner, but how other people do it may differ, even more, when we talk about professionals. Still, this is the simplest yet reasonable method to clean. Of course, you can always visit this for more detailed techniques and information.

  1. Different Areas Require Different Approaches

Cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom may require extra tools and resources. The kitchen’s cooking device can get greasy, which may require and anti-grease liquid. The bathroom as well may require other tools, like rubber gloves, a sponge, a toilet brush, and hot water.

To clean the bathroom, it is recommended to start with the toilet, then the shower or tub. You should pay attention to the walls, the floor, and the sink as well. If your bathroom has any mirrors, they shouldn’t be ignored.

When cleaning the kitchen, you should start by organizing dishes and utensils. Clean them up and organize them as neatly as possible, then start taking a look around. Pay special attention to the kitchen table, the oven, and any device your kitchen has. Organize and clean the cabinets as well.

Now, if you have to clean a bedroom, the most important part is organizing. You should make the bed, organize your clothes, and be sure that everything is well placed.

Now, for the last advice, you should always have a schedule in mind. Which days do you want to clean? Do you want to clean every week, or every two weeks? Perhaps once a month? This is important since making a routine out of tidying up makes it easier every time you do it.

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