My Home Away from Home: Life at Perkins School for the Blind

My Home Away from Home: Life at Perkins School for the Blind

C 2013 by Robert T. Branco

From the ages of 12 to 19, the author attended a school for the blind. He tells about life in the “cottages,” academics, sports, field trips, vocational training, and more. He had good and bad teachers, followed wise rules and absurd ones, met good friends and bullies, and welcomed administrative changes. Perkins educated him very well; this book will surely educate and entertain many

$12 paperback, $4.99 e-book

“Interesting book. My brother is blind and uses the book library from Perkins. Wanted to know more about this amazing institution.”

– Review quote on Amazon, from Lawrence Gorin

β€œThe text of this book was recently modified with a few changes and corrections submitted by the author. Any copies that are purchased from Amazon and other selling sites will contain those changes.”

– From the editor, Leonore Dvorkin, January 2016

For full information on this book and the three others by the same author, plus handy buying links, go to:

A book about life at another school for the blind is A Few Moments in Time, C 2011 by Howard A. Geltman. Details:

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