Mr. Tiny Man and Mr. Big Head

Mr. Tiny Man and Mr. Big Head

by J. Matthew Nespoli and Keller Nespoli

keller story 1

This is Mr. Tiny Man. Mr. Tiny Man was a sad man because everywhere he went, nobody ever noticed him, and he didn’t know why.

keller story 2

One day, Mr. Tiny Man was out on a walk when he came cross a man with a very large head. Mr. Tiny Man became very surprised when the large man said hello to him.

keller story 3

“You can see me?” Said Mr. Tiny Man.
“Of course I can see you.”
“Nobody ever noticed me before.”
“They just weren’t looking for you.”
“My name is mister tiny man.”
“My name is mister big head. Maybe we can be friends. I don’t have any friends.”

keller story 4

“I will be your friend Mr. big head.”
And then they each had somebody else to hold hands with.

The End

Note by J. Matthew Nespoli: From my 5 year old son, to me, for my birthday. His art skills kinda stink, but his storytelling was inspiring. I put the story, in captions, next to each picture, as it was told to me.

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