Montana’s License to Kill the Last Wolves in the State

Montana’s License to Kill the Last Wolves in the State

Montana is making news again, and bad news as before. The state has issued 6000 hunting permits to kill the last wolves remaining in the state.

Digital Journal informs that only 625 wolves are left in Montana as the people there have got licenses to kill them. wolfMontana has taken victimization to a greater intensity by reducing the kill-license fee and extending the period over which hunters can kill wolves. So the authorities and the public are partners in this blood-filled sport that is also taking toll on wolves in the neighboring state of Wyoming.

The Center for Biological Diversity put it so cogently in their video: asking the question whether you would pay $19 to kill a wolf, the video ran the line, “In Montana 6000 people just did.”

This reckless, state-sponsored killing certainly has aroused animal rights activist to voice their protest. On, a petition asks Montana governor Steve Bullock to stop the unjustified killing and hunting of Montana’s wolves.

My question: how do you kill your inner, caring soul so as to enable the killing of innocent beings out in the wild? Aren’t you, the human, dead already as you pull the trigger on the sacred children of nature?


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