Miami Hospital Treating an Emergency Case of Starved Dog

Miami Hospital Treating an Emergency Case of Starved Dog

Biscayne Veterinary Center in Miami, FL, is treating a severely starved dog with life-threatening infections.


Named Emily, the 7-year-old female dog was admitted to the Miami Dade Shelter in a near-dead state with extreme starvation and parasitic conditions. The shelter had planned to euthanize her if no rescue stepped up to pull Emily in 24 hours. But the dog showed a last sign of life by wagging its tail, leading the shelter to gather support for treating her.

Emily is now eating and drinking and able to walk a little. She is still under treatment at the Biscayne Veterinary Center, 5841 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33137. A donation page has been set up for her treatment and more than $1300 have been collected to date while the total cost of medical care for her is estimated at $2000.

Donations to Emily can be made online at Youcaring.

For information: 305 575-1190 under Patricia Ford/Dakota and Friends Chow Rescue for Emily.

One thought on “Miami Hospital Treating an Emergency Case of Starved Dog

  1. It is a terrible thing that a dog can be neglected and starved to the point of near death in a society where there are laws on the books and agencies to protect such animals. Shame on the person who did this to her! Kudos to the rescue that took her in and are working so diligently to save her life. The fact that she pulled enough energy from her starved, broken body to wag her tail is enough to break our hearts.
    Thank you for posting her story and hopefully many donations will be coming in for this dear dog.

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