Media Hiding the Background of Slaughterer of Emily Jones

Media Hiding the Background of Slaughterer of Emily Jones

When 7-year-old British girl was stabbed to death by a woman in broad daylight at the Queen’s Park in Bolton on March 22, British propaganda mobs hid the identity of the killer. Now that monster has been charged with murder but presstitutes continue to guard the identity of her slaughterer.

Daily Mail reported today that 30-year-old Eltiona Skana was charged with the murder of Emily Jones. Aside from her name, the paper wrote in uncertain phrasing about her country of origin.

Skana, who is understood to originally be from Albania, was arrested at the scene and later detained under the Mental Health Act.

Where did they get this information from? No mention. Skana’s picture—which should have been on the billboard by now—is to be seen nowhere. Her ethnic background and religious or other affiliations are as much in the dark as anything. And Daily Mail is one of the publications that did a better job in hinting at her country of origin; others like BBC did short news brief posts with no questions asked or details provided as popular media outlets normally do when an issue is of interest to them. BBC’s post of this news is a total of 100 words – three times less than the length of a common blog post.

It is worth mentioning that the culprit in question was formerly said to be a Somali immigrant as someone on social media indicated so. But with the new bit of info about Albania as her country of origin, it is now even more important to actively search for her background and post as much info about her as anyone can get.

Butchers of children do not have rights to any sort of privacy. And that is what real journalists are supposed to and should do. The so-called media has sided with the murderer in this story and yet again proved a disgrace to journalism.

5 thoughts on “Media Hiding the Background of Slaughterer of Emily Jones

  1. She’s BLACK!
    Blacks are killing whites and they are getting away with it. If the Media continues to hide them, whites will come in forces and blacks will be disseminate!

  2. Her ethnic background is Somali. She’s a filthy black savage that happened to live in Albania at one time. The media covers her race so that White people won’t be outraged by black crime.

  3. The media, the judiciary & left-wing activists are very protective of this racist, Eltiona Skana. Murder charges were dropped and the fact that this was a hate crime is being suppressed. White supremacy is bad, but so is BLM activism. They both lead to race-based hate. By hiding this hate crime it only inspires white supremacy. The problem that BLM activism is supposed to stop, but actually encourages…

  4. The British public I feel, have a right to see the face of this truly evil monster.
    If this was a white woman or man for that matter, their face would be plastered everywhere in the media and news. Why should this dispicable piece of garbage be any different, because of the colour of her skin, origin, or religion. It seems to be so convenient the mental health card is played, to play down horrendous crimes committed by people of ethnic origins. What are the media affraid of?

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