Marijuana Trade Causing Serious Concerns in Parts of America

Marijuana Trade Causing Serious Concerns in Parts of America

Legalization of pot and its increasing acceptance are not coming without a cost and a number of media reports, electronic and print, are attracting attention to the risks associated with the pot business.weed

A story published in The Oregonian yesterday pointed to the alarming incidence of investment in heroin production by marijuana growers. Citing The Washington Post, the paper wrote: “The wholesale price of marijuana has plunged, forcing growers to make inroads in other drugs.”

The story also mentions increasing incidence of heroin seizures at the US-Mexico border. This report comes at a time when local and national media sources are featuring the story of a boat loaded with at least a ton of weed that washed up on a Malibu beach.

The risk associated with marijuana trade appears particularly high in the young segment of American population, particularly in states like California, where young guys and girls celebrate spring break on the sunny beaches while getting high on booze and weed, as shown in a Fox News video the past week. Even in the case of the boat carrying a ton of marijuana, two of the three arrested are, reportedly, juveniles.

Exposure to weed has already stated causing concern in workplaces in states like Colorado, as reported by USA Today, where pot has been legalized for recreational use while Washington is to set to start selling legal pot in June this year.

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