Laura Loomer Banned by Twitter for Free Speech

Laura Loomer Banned by Twitter for Free Speech

Popular conservative journalist Laura Loomer has been targeted by Twitter for criticizing Minnesota’s newly elected Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Twitter has permanently banned Laura who used to Tweet @LauraLoomer.

Laura Loomer has reportedly been banned from Twitter over “hate speech”, which is the general pretext of anti-free speech agents targeting individuals who expose and/or persistently question the double standards, corruption, and tyranny of the oppressors. Laura’s work was this nature.

Over the years, Laura has reported live from scenes of public events and has confronted the leftist figures over their hypocrisy. She has become a strong voice of free speech on social media. And that of course doesn’t sit well with left-leaning entities, including social media sites.

Her tweet about Ilhan Omar, in which she called out the Muslim politician from MN for her anti-Semitism, has been used as a lame justification by Twitter to stop her from gathering more followers and popularity as more and more conservatives and free-speech supporters were following her each day.

On the contrary, Twitter continues to allow Democrat Maxine Waters and others like her who have publicly called for mob violence against President Trump’s administration. Facebook is even worse and has banned numerous conservative/libertarian voices over criticism of the left besides compromising their data.

Laura Loomer’s website is online at and for her loyal followers, she will continue to shine as a star of freedom of speech. Yet, the way Twitter shut down her right to speech reminds the need for a major social media platform for right-wing/conservative and/or libertarians where they can express their views and independent journalistic/opinion articles and short posts or podcasts etc. without fear of suppression. is currently an emerging platform of such kind. Gab itself was targeted last month when PayPal banned it suddenly. The next day, the host service dropped Gab and the site was unavailable for a few days before finally returning with new hosting.

Update: As of November 24, 2018, Laura Loomer’s Twitter account has been restored. She tweeted:


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