Free Speech Site Gab Under Attack by Leftist Mobs

Free Speech Site Gab Under Attack by Leftist Mobs

The free speech social media site Gab is under attack now. The site has lost its hosting just a day after PayPal banned it.

PayPal used the recent Pittsburgh mass shooting as a pretext for banning Gab. Interestingly, the shooter turned out to be a Trump-hater and by corollary a liberal lunatic. However it’s obvious that the incident was used as a lame excuse to quickly attack Gab for being a free speech social media site.

Currently, the site has become unavailable for visitors as it seems to have lost its host as well. On their homepage address, the site reads:

Gab was rapidly becoming popular and had raised over a million dollars already to develop itself gradually as the social media site for free speech advocates as against the leftist-run establishment’s social media sites like Facebook Pinterest Twitter etc. The targeting of Gab indicates the panic liberal mobs get into when faced with opposition or resistance in speech.

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