Kimberlites Discovered in Antarctica by Australian Scientists

Kimberlites Discovered in Antarctica by Australian Scientists

Scientists from Australia have discovered that kimberlites – rocks known commonly for bearing diamonds – underlie the ice in Antarctica.   Kimberlite

Radio Australia reports that this is the first ever kimberlite discovery in the Antarctic region. The estimated age of these rocks in Antarctica is about 120 million years. Major media outlets like the BBC News are running headlines with “diamonds in Antarctica”.

The news may have started giving luring dreams to jewelry dealers and mining industry. However, as the Australian radio’s story tells, the area is protected and mining won’t be allowed there – a relief for those caring about the environment and weary of invasive mining industry.

2 thoughts on “Kimberlites Discovered in Antarctica by Australian Scientists

    1. So right Victor as you say. I read that the ban is there until 2041 and after that it can be renewed. So for about 35 years, the area is safe – unless corruption makes its way in the high political ranks and international policymakers decide to change their minds. I hope that doesn’t happen.

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