Kickstart Your Music Career By Boosting Plays For Soundcloud

Kickstart Your Music Career By Boosting Plays For Soundcloud

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Internet celebrities are all the rage these days. Before, people would never have thought that you can become famous through sheer effort. After all, show business is such a cutthroat industry (no offense, intended). It’s just that talent and dreams are often not enough to get you to higher places. Many times than not, you’ll need money, authority, or at least tight connections to make a pass to stardom. Luckily, this kind of setup is now obsolete thanks to the many wonders of the internet. And while you still need considerable money, authority, and connections, it’s not as much as it used to.

In fact, there are now ways to make it on your own.

Yes, you read that right. It is now possible to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry – and on your own too! No need for a huge PR team or a record label to sign you, there are now ways to garner attention without having to beg “the people in charge to help you.” Check out this long list of internet sensations:

First, you just have to understand how the entertainment industry works.

On the outset, show business may seem selective. It would always look like they’re just after the prettiest, handsomest, and most talented people in the world. While this may be true for the most part, it still does not mean that it disqualifies people who do not meet the standards. Of course, a pretty face will get you through the door but when that’s just about all that you can give, show business will just eat you alive or downright ignore you. After all, it’s called “show business” for a reason.

The entertainment industry’s main purpose is to entertain, to give people a show. It’s not necessarily about finding the perfect genes in humankind. This means that they want a story. They want the latest and greatest. So, what does this mean for you?

It means that you’ve got a chance at this.

If you can somehow find a way to draw attention to yourself, like BIG attention, the entertainment industry is sure to turn its head in your direction – especially if you’ve got quite the fan base yourself. Remember, the big men in show business will always want to please the public. This way, they can make more cash on the side. Not the best motive, but hey, it gets you where you need to be.

But how do you draw attention to yourself exactly?

The Internet Of Entertainment

If you’re going to try and make a noise, might as well do it some place where there are more ears to hear. If you ask me, you can find this place in your own home – presuming you have internet and a device to connect with, of course!

That’s right. When you perform in a stage as big as the internet, people are bound to notice (read more). I’m just not too sure whether their reaction would be a positive one though! Just kidding. Anyway, the bigger audience you have, the more chances you have of being discovered. The internet certainly has more opportunities for you than some lone street in the Bronx. SoundCloud, for example, is the perfect place to kick-start your career in music. If you are aiming to be the next big singing sensation, a professional mixer, or become a pro instrumentalist, then this online platform is definitely for you.

What Is SoundCloud & Why Should You Buy Plays For It?

SoundCloud is your new age Walkman. It allows you to stream the latest bops and classic vinyl hits even when you’re on the go. All you need is to create an account on their website and you are free to connect with the SC Community. Aside from being able to stream and listen to good music, the website also allows you to upload some of your own compositions and covers. Whether you’re an aspiring singer hoping to let the world hear your voice or a creative writer who dreams of having his songs recorded. Whatever it is you are aspiring for, as long as it involves music, I’m pretty sure that SoundCloud can help you out.

After all, SC is where some of the big guns are at – if you know what I mean.

Other than the innocent people who are purely trying to immerse themselves in great beats, there are also talent scouts and music authorities lurking the site. They may be there to get new ideas, refresh their musical spirit, and whatnot. Or, they can also be there to spot new talent, should something unique and attention-grabbing starts to trend.

But that’s just it. In order to grab the attention of relevant people that can make you your career, you need to be a trend. Then again, how exactly do you do this?

Well, how else, but by ranking the SoundCloud charts!

SoundCloud ranks videos according to popularity. So if you ever are to charge into SoundCloud, you need to be prepared to woo the audience. At first, it can be very hard. Luckily, there are companies that actually allow you to buy real SoundCloud plays and likes. This means that they help you create an illusion that more people are listening to your tracks therefore encouraging onlookers to check out your stuff as well. It’s all about bandwagon, really.

Now, I know that this is not necessarily the first option you would take given the chance. But as I said, show business is a tough territory to penetrate. You have to know where and when to lay out your cards. Don’t worry, though. The plays may get you through the door but your music will shape your career in the end.

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