Jesus and Muhammad: Their Messages, Side-by-Side

Jesus and Muhammad: Their Messages, Side-by-Side

CHEYENNE, Wyoming – Worldwide, Islam is the fastest growing religion, and Christianity is the largest. People want to make sense of these faiths. Now readers can compare Jesus and Muhammad’s messages and answer their questions. 

“To avoid getting mired in scholarly interpretations, you go to the source of each faith. This book clears up misconceptions,” author Louis St Michael says.

The content speaks for itself:

  • What Muslims and Christians learn about love, homosexuality, lifestyle. Persecution, retaliation, war and peace. Prophet or Messiah? Miracles. End times.
  • Additional life and religion histories, presented in timelines, charts, tables and scannable bullet points.
  • A neutral, one-stop reference for people of any or no faith who want to look at the messages of Jesus vs. Muhammad as shown in the Bible and Qur’an.

“As a convert to Islam, . . . I appreciated the fact that the author seems to be neutral in his overall viewpoint. . . . I have not seen another book written in such a straightforward and simple way. . . . I would highly recommend this book.”  — Christi Lyle-Rasheed for Manhattan Book Review,   “An honest quest for the truth.” — Romuald Dzemo; “Provokes serious reflection. A great gift for humanity.” — Christian Sia; “Crisp and engaging.” — Gisela Dixon; “A great book in the area of philosophy and spirituality.” — Divine Zape; “Almost a marvel, mind-boggling to imagine how St Michael was able to produce such a work. Without the usual bias. Useful in any conversation on the topic. Highly recommended.” — Jamie Michele, all for Readers’ Favorite,

“A very useful source-book and anthology of the core messages of Christianity and Islam.Relying upon the texts to speak for themselves, St. Michael has provided us with the essential messages of both religions.” — David Cook, Ph.D., assistant professor of religious studies specializing in Islam at Rice University, author of Understanding Jihad

“For readers of either faith, such a lucid and unbiased record of the points of commonality and disagreement between Jesus and Muhammad is sure to be educational. And the entire book is scrupulously sourced, adding to the general air of transparency and scholarly rigor. . . . An exhaustive compilation of immense theological value, especially as a prologue to future study.”— Kirkus Reviews

“St Michael presents an interesting, useful and new approach to the comparative study of Christianity and Islam. A valuable handbook for anyone.” — Dr. William J. Neidinger, archaeologist and historian associated with the Texas Foundation for Archaeological & Historical Research

“Is the God of Islam the same God of Christianity? I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the core ideas of these two religions.” — Daniel Janosik, Ph.D., adjunct professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary and author of John of Damascus, First Apologist to the Muslims

“This groundbreaking work provides a reference for those seeking to quickly compare Jesus’ and Muhammad’s approaches on various issues. St Michael makes it easy.”  — Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Ph.D., translator of John Chrysostom: Homilies on Romans

Author: Louis St Michael

Publisher: Rising Myrrh Press 

Publication: March 31, 2018

ISBNs:  978-0-9996146-0-0 Paperback/978-0-9996146-1-7 eBook

Kindle ASIN:  B078W5XK7X

Amazon Page:

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