Israeli Restaurants to Create Vegan Burgers via 3D-Printing

Israeli Restaurants to Create Vegan Burgers via 3D-Printing

You don’t hear much about technological developments coming out of the Middle East but the what Israel is planning to do with technology for vegans is something newsworthy—create digitally printed burgers.Israel21c reported that Burgus Burger Bar is teaming up with a startup named SavorEat to make 3D-printed vegan burgers.

SavorEat’s 3D printing platform can bake, grill or fry a personalized plant-based burger using ingredient cartridges.

The story says that SavorEat is founded on the research work by Hebrew University professors Oded Shoseyov and Ido Braslavsky.

This is yet another innovation within the 3D-printing technology that is increasingly being used to create customized products in different walks of life. In related news is also the story on Russia Today about handheld 3D skin printer that’ll be used in burn clinics to create patches of artificial skin for covering burns.


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