Is ‘Cracker Barrel’ Really an Offensive Name?

Is ‘Cracker Barrel’ Really an Offensive Name?


Somebody on has started a petition demanding the popular country cuisine-gift store chain Cracker Barrel to change its name. And people are actually signing it!

The petition launcher and supporters seem to reason that the name “Cracker Barrel” is an offense to European Americans, as it makes them sound like a bunch of drunkards, particularly as the logo of the business depicts a bourbon barrel. So they want the name changed to “Caucasian Barrel”.Cracker_Barrel_Old_Country_Store_logo.svg

The petition is an example of dumb wit and waste of time as well as low intelligence and pretense of care when none is needed. When the business is happy with the name and people find it a good place, without being offended, there doesn’t seem to be any case for offense.

On another note, the petition has racist overtones. And I mean racist not in the sense that implies a superiority of the Caucasian race over others, but in the currently popular sense of playing the racist victim card – the one some black, Muslim, and other minorities have been playing to their advantage in modern-day America. While white people live in the same conditions and experience the same social/legal/economic challenges, they have remained fairly free of playing the race card. And now this petition!

Cracker Barrel is a good place with a good name, good food, and good service. I don’t believe it needs to change anything.

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