Ireland to Kill 200,000 Cows over So-Called Global Warming Concerns

Ireland to Kill 200,000 Cows over So-Called Global Warming Concerns

Ireland plans to kill 200,000 cows because of the unproven global warming claims routinely propagated by the politically affiliated scientific journals and mainstream media.

Cowboy State Daily reported that Ireland’s government plans to reduce the country’s cattle herds by 200,000 cows over the course of the next 3 years in order to meet its climate goals. The rationale by advocates of mass killing of cows stands on the disputed claim that methane gas emitted by cows (burping and farting) is a potent contributor to the so-called global warming that they claim is an impending environmental threat. These claims have been repeatedly debunked for lacking solid scientific evidence.

A recent study contradicted the earlier claims of methane’s potency in adding to the greenhouse effect as reported ScienceNews. The research found that

Methane’s solar absorption sets off a cascade of events that reduces its overall warming effect by about 30 percent.

However, the researchers insisted that methane emissions by cows are still a concern, in contradiction to the results of their own research.

While no real objective scientific evidence is provided by the proponents of the methane-propelled global arming claims, they also ignore the counter claim that the methane released by cows/cattle breaks down in 10 to 15 years into carbon dioxide and water and recycled into the planet’s ecosystems. Instead, estimates are offered as scientific findings to further the narrative of climate change by methane emissions.

Ireland has previously come up with plans to slaughter horses in the name of humane ending to the animal due to the its increasing population in the country.

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