Interfaith Freedom March in Israel-Palestine, March 30

Interfaith Freedom March in Israel-Palestine, March 30

by Dr. Frank RomanoPeace

You are welcome to participate in The Interfaith Freedom March (in solidarity with “Land Day”), on Sunday, March 30th, 2014. The group will meet 12:30 pm at Qalandia Mosque and then march toward the Qalandia Checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

My friends, it’s no longer possible to say, “Ah, that’s the other side of the World, what does this place have to do with me, my family, my world….”

The people in the Holy Land, Muslims, Jews and Christians alike, are enshrouded by deep suffering, terrible restrictions on freedoms, limitation of circulation, restricted access, unfair confiscation of land, etc. Whenever that happens in the World, we all suffer because I truly believe, my friends, we are all connected.

When they are free (of suffering, etc.), only then can we be free!

It’s time we all do something about it, in an effective, non-violent way.

Let this march be a precursor to freedom through love and understanding by bringing all people together, as brothers and sisters and as children of the creator, showing the world that all people want peace in Israel and Palestine.

Dr. Frank Romano
Author: “Love and Terror in the Middle East” & “Storm Over Morocco”

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