Indian Doctor Lies Openly about Polio Vaccine Safety

Indian Doctor Lies Openly about Polio Vaccine Safety

Doctors promoting vaccines have no problem lying no matter what risks involved. Today on this blog I’ll specifically name this Indian doctor Dr. Pradip Haldar as a big liar. Read on…POLIO VACCINE

Now when the polio vaccine given as drops to children in India, Pakistan, and many other countries has been established as a dangerous substance causing paralysis, doctors playing in hands of administration still lie publicly about the vaccine’s safety. Here’s Dr. Haldar’s statement about the polio vaccine safety as published in

“Polio is one of the safest vaccines. It is unknown that somebody dies of the vaccine.”

This comes in the face of the fact that the polio drops paralyze children individually as well as create mutated polio virus that causes outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio – a fact admitted even by the (corrupt) medical authorities. Yet to Dr. Halder the vaccine is safe as long it doesn’t kill you; it’s okay if it paralyzes you for life.

By the way, to such lies, it’s usually ideal to provide a link to reported death (read murder) of children that become a victim of vaccines. This case in Laos is an example:

Medical profession used to be a sacred profession – something looked upon as angelic for among the believers it was next to godliness. Those times are long over. Now you have doctors like this Indian official and thousands of others like him who will lie openly with no shame or sense or conscience.

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