Holding Professtitutes Accountable for Unethical Conduct

Holding Professtitutes Accountable for Unethical Conduct

The well-thought-out and manufactured COVID 19 pandemic not only exposed the hideous agenda and dark power of the medical mafia and governments’ complicity, but also brought the equally, if not more, sneaky and corrupt mafia of sold-out academicians – the professtitutes of the world—out into the open. These college/university whores are not only the leading source of mass misinformation and political indoctrination but also are at the forefront of attacks on civil rights and medical choice.

Take, for example, today’s commentary post in Barron’s by two professtitutes who use a number of lame and even laughable analogies to convince unsuspecting readers that unvaccinated people are responsible for prolonging the alleged pandemic and that they should be held accountable for refusing the COVID vaccines, using litigation—i.e. dragged to the court for not believing in the “expert opinion”.

Want to reject expert opinion and the established facts about Covid and put yourself and others at risk? Then you should pay, if your choice harms others.

This criminal mindset of anti-choice academicians has never been so obvious and in-our-face before as in this single line coming from them. Yes, they want to punish us for rejecting their pharmaceutical product that they aggressively advertise for monetary, political, or other undisclosed reasons. Whatever their motive(s), these attacks from professtitutes call for defensive action, mainly urgent and widespread awareness of their agenda and intentions whether at school, college, or university level.

It is beyond due to start creating a database of such academicians who are advocating, either in the class or outside, and share their views with community members, particularly parents and students. The purpose of this information will be blacklisting all those professtitutes on a community level that are a threat to the safety of people’s body and mind. These are the people who are directly impacting the lives of others by misleading them into buying dangerous products and scaring them into surrendering their civil rights.

Equally important in this regard is boycotting the services and products that these anti-choice professors offer. It means, parents should beware of children and other parents, via the shared blacklist, of their agenda and ask them to refrain from enrolling in courses offered by such teachers at colleges and universities. In addition, they need to stop buying their products – like books, journals, video courses, or any other things they offer. They should also stay away from any events these kinds of teachers hold at any venues.

The professtitutes want to punish us for choosing freedom and intelligence over slavery and indoctrination. It makes sense then that we hit them back, non-violently, where it hurts in order to keep the community safe.

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