Green Tea and Little Green Tea

Green Tea and Little Green Tea

Green tea is ages-old tradition in Peshawar and the Pakhtoon (aka Pathan) region spanning the northwest in Pakistan to entire Afghanistan. It’s an all-day delight but a must after dinner.


In Peshawar you mostly get green tea in small rounded cups of ceramic without a handle. The ones in the pic I just had after dinner at one of the cheap eateries by the city’s teaching hospital, Khyber Teaching Hospital. And for a little surprise, I got a regular size cup with a baby one – or like a little sibling if you will.

As it helps clear the throat and gives you a tasty dose of anti-oxidants, green tea remains one of the cheapest beverages you can get here; the small order I get after dinner comes in like 10 to 15 cents. So pretty cheap.

There is also a reason by the way they give you couple of cups instead of one with the small tin cattle in which green tea is served. You are supposed to pour yourself tea in both cups at once because if you fill only one, by the time it cools down and you sip it to the end, the tea waiting in the cattle will grow a bitter taste (the green tea leaves continuing to enrich the tea with its content). So, as the saying, better two than one!

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