Not in Media: Big Drop in Earth Temperature Recorded by Satellite

Not in Media: Big Drop in Earth Temperature Recorded by Satellite

Rise in global temperature and glacial retreat are something you see in headlines on mainstream (aka lamestream) media. But what you don’t see is global cooling.

Yet reports of notable drop in earth’s temperature as recorded by satellites make appearance on blogs. This summer Climate Depot reported a big drop in earth’s June temperature which they call the second largest drop in over 37 years of earth’s temperature!

The report also appeared on another blog Not a Lot of People Know That in July. The blog mentions that data show a record rapid cooling in the tropics in the two months. The site notes: “…the cooling we are seeing in the troposphere really is spectacular.”

Critics of global warming often tauntingly point to the shift in phrasing of global warming advocates from “global warming” to “climate change” after researches showing the narrative of ever-warming earth not quite working.

Is the important discussion focused only on whether the earth is warming or climate is changing so drastically that we need to panic? Perhaps, but more important is the question how/why is mainstream media ignoring this satellite data when every report of a temperature rise is spotlighted and placed all over the web?

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