Grand Saudi Religious Leader Wants Churches Destroyed

Grand Saudi Religious Leader Wants Churches Destroyed

Saudi Arabia’s chief Islamic leader – the grand religious figure of the entire Muslims world – had called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian Gulf. And most of the mainstream media in America as well as the White House have been silent over the issue.1024px-Chrám_svätého_Egídia_2

Three years ago when the same mufti gave a call for destroying churches, Examiner Timothy Whiteman wrote about the Obama Administration’s silence on the matter as well as the silence of US allies across the world. A CBN news clip also discussed the notable silence in US and abroad over the Saudi cleric’s call for destruction.

The news of the mufti has been received with a general hush in media in the west. Although a Pakistani paper Express Tribune recently published the news at the link, it was quickly removed and the page now shows a broken link. Given Pakistan’s financial and other interests, it’s not unusual for Pakistani media to censor and remove politically incorrect stories. But the silence of the media in so-called free democracies like the United States speaks volumes about the agendas of the interest-driven mainstream media.

One blogger raised the important question what would happen if a religious leader in the west called for the destruction of all mosques—would the governments and media remain silent? Obviously then it appears that media and top political leaders in the west don’t want to open their otherwise unstoppable mouths to defend other faiths from Islamist terrorism when it streams directly from the Saudi soil. And their fears may not be so abstract – after all, opening mouth against Saudi Arabia carries the risk of flooding with oil.

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