GoFundMe Freezes Canadian Truckers Convoy Funds

GoFundMe Freezes Canadian Truckers Convoy Funds

Truckers in Canada are rallying against vaccine mandates and as they move to Ottawa to protest the leftist tyrannical government, the world’s leading fundraising site GoFundMe has suddenly decided to freeze the funds raised for the truckers’ freedom convoy.

FreightWaves reported on Tuesday (January 25, 2022) that GoFundMe froze $3.7 million raised for Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy.

GoFundMe said of its scrutiny of the funding distribution, “This is part of our standard process to ensure the protection of all donors.” The fundraiser is continuing to accept contributions.

The story cited a spokesperson for the fundraising site telling that the funds will be released “promptly” after the organizers of the campaign submit their withdrawal plan. The fundraising campaign meanwhile continues to accept contributions.

On the Stew Peters show this Tuesday, trucker Martin Brodmann told about the freedom convoy of truckers driving toward Canadian capital Ottawa to stage their protest against the tyrannical vaccine mandates of liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This isn’t the first time GoFundMe has acted against a pro-freedom cause using its site for gathering public support. In 2020, the site removed multiple fundraisers created for the Kenosha (WI) teen Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot dead two people in self-defense during a riot of the left-supported Black Lives Matters (BLM).

Legal Insurrection reported in November 2021 that GoFundMe decided to let Rittenhouse raise funds after his acquittal in the court. The post wrote:

GoFundMe has become notorious with canceling fundraisers perceived right-of-center people accused and trying to raise funds defend themselves.

As the fundraising site tried to justify its decision to not let Rittenhouse raise funds for his legal battle, supporters of Rittenhouse reminded how the site was allowing other fundraisers for similar self-defense claims but would not allow Rittenhouse to raise funds for his self-defense stance in the court. GoFundMe turned off the Reply option on its Twitter account to block criticism of its position against the conservative Kenosha teen.

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