Gender Fluidity Opens the Gates for Sex Crimes

Gender Fluidity Opens the Gates for Sex Crimes

In a blow to women rights and common cultural decency, liberals have openly declared a denial of biological distinction between man and woman on the official and non-official levels. And the left’s war on gender is opening the gateway to sexual harassment, even to sex crimes.

The Biden administration recently announced allowing people to choose what gender they want to be, officially, on their passport without any requirements to prove it. Thus if an adult male, who was born male and is documented male in his documents all along, wants to be a woman on his passport, the state department will just issue him a passport with that gender – no burden of proof on the applicant’s behalf. Same goes for women. Changing your biology has never been so easy; or to be accurate, lying about your biology is now acceptable to the government.

The mental illness of transgendersim, advocated and imposed by the liberals on American society, is already showing its potential for sexual harassment and possibly sex crimes since the self-determination of gender is the key to breech gender-specific places.

Life Site News published a story today about a Los Angeles spa where an adult man was allowed into the women’s section where he exposed his penis to the women and minor girls. When he was reported to the spa staff, they told the woman making the complaint that he was allowed to do it because he identified as a woman. The story wrote:

This is the world trans activists want us to live in — one where a full-grown, adult male has the right to hang his genitals out in front of women and girls of all ages and where women who object are told they are transphobic.

Normally, this act would qualify for a sex offense and the man in question would be registered as a sex offender. But not under the loony leftist laws on gender fluidity.

A similar incident was reported from Pella in Iowa, around mid June, where a teenage girl chose to expose her upper body by walking topless into men’s area of a swimming pool facility and the staff there allowed it because of her own right to gender-identification. CBN wrote:

One resident in Pella, where the pool is located, said that, when the issue was raised, facility staffers said there was “nothing they could do.

While these incidents are just starting to make news, the wave of sex crimes springing from the leftist agenda of gender fluidity can be more serious, especially in facilities where criminals are kept. The Christian Post published a story today about the new policy in New Jersey regarding gender-based imprisonment of inmates.

New Jersey will require prisons in the Garden State to house inmates based on their self-declared gender identity instead of biological sex as part of a settlement of a lawsuit filed by a trans-identified male prisoner.

If that doesn’t lead to sex crimes, what would? But then we know that the more crimes, including sex crimes, in a society, the happier liberals generally tend to be as they love crime and chaos.

2 thoughts on “Gender Fluidity Opens the Gates for Sex Crimes

  1. Didn’t we just put a stop to this craziness 7 years ago? I love people of all genders and sexual preferences (aside from those affecting minors or trespassing on another person’s will) A person’s preferences are a personal and beautiful thing to be judged and hated on by no one. But…
    Taking an unknown person’s word on the fact that they are a girl trapped in a man’s body is allowing this unknown person access to defenceless bodies. Their mouth can say they identify as a girl, but their body does not and still has the power of a man… So if they are being untruthful just to gain unlimited access to other girls… Even if that person truly is trapped in the wrong body there are dangers to themselves. For example, if in a prison setting a transgender female identifies as a man and wants to be in a man’s prison, the men in there are not going to recognize herself identification. They are going to recognize that they finally have a female body enclosed with them… consider that poor creature raped to death. Sick and crazy! I can sympathize with feeling like your mind and your body are not in unison. But that does not mean that the government has the right to put one person’s rights above the other. Which means, in order to survive all, there would have to be a third solution. Whatever happened to the unisex bathroom. Girls in the girls bathroom; boys in the boys bathroom; undecided and families in the unisex.

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