Fully Open CA rally in Huntington Beach on May 9

Fully Open CA rally in Huntington Beach on May 9

To raise voice against the politically-driven orders of lockdowns and shutdowns by California’s governor, a rally of protest at the mains street in Huntington Beach is scheduled for Saturday, May 9th at 12:00 PM.

Some of event details posted on wehaverights.com are posted below.

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Our goal is to get our message out in a positive and safe manner.

We want to be taken seriously. We will be judged by our attitudes, sign presentation and dress.

We will be wearing RED, WHITE & BLUE colored shirts at the march. That way we know each other and stand united.

Please be prepared for people who may not be in agreement with us. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and so are we. Please remember that our response needs to be positive not confrontational. The world will be watching and in order to be taken seriously and respected we must be respectful.

All people are required to maintain CDC guidelines for prevention. Following Best practice.

Social distancing from non-family members means you need to stand 6’ apart. 2 arm lengths away from each other.

We are leaving wearing masks or cloth face coverings up to your discretion.

If you are sick or high risk please stay at home and quarantine.

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For facebook users, the event is listed by the FULLY REOPEN CA NOW MOVEMENT.

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