Frank Needs Gift of Life on Christmas

Frank Needs Gift of Life on Christmas

American bulldog Frank’s happiness of finding a home was momentary for he seriously fell ill four days after moving in with his new family in Augusta, GA. He had to be resuscitated in an emergency room. But his new family gave up on him, leaving him homeless and in a shelter again. Frank

Denise Carey-Costa’s told Frank’s story on Examiner by which account Frank is recovering gradually from his illness, the exact nature of which is still unknown. The American Bulldog Rescue (ABR) is sponsoring Frank, paying his $4000 medical bill and needs donations from caring people to help Frank.

Christmas is an occasion of love and gift-giving. Frank needs the gift of a safe and happy life. Let’s donate to this boy’s life and hope for his complete recovery as a well as a forever home where he can have a loving and caring family.

Donations can be sent via PAYPAL to

Read Denise Carey-Costa’s story of Frank on Examiner.

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